Doctor of Philosophy

The Department of Population Health Sciences has designed a PhD program to prepare researchers who can formulate the next important research questions, design studies to answer them, organize resources to carry out relevant studies, and analyze the results to contribute scientific and policy insights.

The inaugural candidates for the Doctor of Philosophy (PhD) in Population Health Sciences will begin their studies in the 2021-22 academic year. Applications are now being accepted through the Duke Graduate School for the start of the 2020-21 academic year. 

Successful applicants will find a close fit with potential faculty mentors in the department and their own research interests. The department can assist potential applicants to learn more about faculty research and to find appropriate matches.

Our Mission

The mission of the Population Health Sciences PhD program is to develop critically-thinking, creative, and collaborative scientists and leaders through our coursework, experimental learning, and professional development so that they will enhance population health in diverse setting.

Our Vision

The vision of the Population Health Sciences PhD program is to be a nationally recognized leader in enhancing population health by eliminating inequities and ensuring high quality, accessible, and person-centered care and programs for the benefit of local and global communities.

Core Knowledge, Powerful Tools, Rich Setting

The doctoral program will equip students with the knowledge and tools they will need to drive science through their research and to work alongside health systems, government agencies, non-profits, industry, and others pursuing improved health of populations. The first two years of study involve coursework in core competencies that population health science requires and in a minor area, either health measurement or health services research and implementation science.

The department, the School of Medicine, Duke University, Duke Health, and one of North Carolina’s largest counties offer PhD candidates a unique and rich setting in which to acquire that foundation and then use it complete their dissertation research: