Summer Starling, DrPH, MPH

Service Leader, The BASE Lab
Dr. Summer Starling

Dr. Starling is a Senior Research Program Leader in the Department of Population Health Sciences. A social scientist by training, she has conducted qualitative and mixed methods research primarily in adolescent reproductive and sexual health and health systems research in the U.S. The science behind how we judge health information and make decisions about health has been a significant focus in her research career. Her portfolio includes studies related to sexuality education and STI prevention, mHealth adoption, and provider bias. Dr. Starling offers methodological emphasis and expertise in digital and online adaptations of traditional social science methods; communications theory; cognitive interviewing; grounded theory; impact evaluation; and user experience.

In tandem with her research experience, Dr. Starling has been an industry consultant since 2010 for over 35 companies and organizations committed to public health, including Fortune 100 healthcare companies and major foundations. As an industry consultant, she has driven strategy and organizational change measures, led client-centered research programs, and provided strategic communications consulting.

Dr. Starling received her DrPH in public health from the University of California Berkeley and her MPH in sociomedical sciences from Columbia University.