Moving Research Insights into Practice

For evidence-based clinical practices, it typically takes decades for discoveries reported in academic journals to reach routine care. That lost time has costs in dollars, quality of life, and even lives.

The Implementation Science Core works where research meets the real world, helping practitioners and organizations translate the insights from controlled clinical research settings into evidence-based improvements they can adopt, implement, and sustain in the actual contexts in which they provide health care.

Specifically, as partners and consultants, the Core’s faculty and staff provide expert support to:

  • Quantify the feasibility of improvement efforts
  • Investigate the effectiveness of interventions in real-world clinical settings
  • Identify methods for spread and sustainability of improvement
  • Navigate transformational change to incorporate evidence-based practices into routine care
  • Identify and address redundancies and waste in healthcare delivery
  • Evaluate industry developed products
  • Enhance the rigor of scholarship around implementation science through grant and manuscript preparation. 

The Core brings to bear transdisciplinary knowledge, skills, and tools vital to successful dissemination and implementation of evidence-based practice, including:

  • Research design (quasi-experimental studies, pragmatic clinical trials, mixed-methods approaches)
  • Quality improvement frameworks and tools
  • Systems-level process change
  • Healthcare implementation facilitation
  • Process evaluation (adoption, fidelity)

“Closing the gap between research discovery and program delivery is both a complex challenge and an absolute necessity if we are to ensure that all populations benefit from the Nation’s investments in new scientific discoveries.”

-National Institutes of Health