Faculty & Staff


Hayden B. Bosworth, PhD
Professor in Population Health Sciences

Dr. Bosworth is a health services researcher. His research interests comprise three overarching areas of research:

  1. Clinical research that provides knowledge for improving patients’ treatment adherence and self-management in chronic care
  2. Translation research to improve access to quality of care
  3. Eliminate health care disparities 

Dr. Bosworth was the recipient of an American Heart Association established investigator award, the 2013 VA Undersecretary Award for Outstanding Achievement in Health Services Research (The annual award is the highest honor for VA health services researchers), and a VA Senior Career Scientist Award.

In terms of medication adherence, Dr. Bosworth has been developing and implementing tailored interventions to reduce the burden of chronic diseases. These trials focus on motivating individuals to initiate health behaviors and sustaining them long term and includes using various methods of engagement and including various members of the healthcare system (e.g., pharmacists and nurses). He has led over 30 trials and participated in another 50 resulting in over 270 peer reviewed publications and four books. This work has been or is being implemented in multiple arenas including Pharma patient support programs, Medicaid of North Carolina, The United Kingdom National Health System Direct, Kaiser Health care system, and the Veterans Affairs. 

Dr. Heather King
Assistant Professor in Population Health Sciences

Dr. King is an Assistant Professor in the Department of Population Health Sciences and a health services researcher at the Center for Health Services Research in Primary Care at the Durham Veterans Affairs Medical Center (VAMC, HSR&D). She received her PhD in Human Development and Family Studies from Pennsylvania State University where her areas of concentration were developmental research methodology and adult development. Dr. King's research focuses on the relationships between particular psychological/psychosocial variables and health behaviors as well as various indicators of physical health and chronic disease management and prevention. Her interests include implementation science, health services research and health measurement. She also has a strong interest in health and health-related processes within couples and families.


Pam Gentry
Clin. Research Nurse

Ms. Gentry is a Clinical Research Nurse. For 20 years she had been a drug trials study coordinator and a nurse interventionist on numerous Duke and Durham VA research studies and projects. Ms. Gentry has worked with different populations in various settings including primary care, cardiology, diabetes, and breast cancer. She has extensive experience writing telemedicine intervention scripts, and conducting study visits in the clinic and via telehealth and video-health. Prior to her research career, she worked for 16 years in the neurology, medical ICU, and bone marrow transplant units at Duke.

Marcie George
Staff Assistant

Ms. George is a staff assistant in the Department of Population Health Sciences. She started her career at Duke eight years ago in the Office of Strategic Planning and University Development during their last fundraising campaign. There, she learned about financial and strategic planning and worked at assisting students and faculty with the Duke experience. Prior to her current position, she was a staff assistant/events coordinator for the Duke Initiative for Science & Society working on their Dinner Dialogues Program. The event facilitated discussions at the intersection of science and society between affiliate faculty and the Duke Community. 

Sarah Gonzales
Clinical Research Coordinator

Ms. Gonzales is a Clinical Research Coordinator. She has ten years of experience working on clinical research studies, primarily in the areas of medication adherence and chronic disease management at Duke and the Durham VA Medical Center. She has experience conducting patient and staff qualitative interviews and focus groups in the infectious disease population, including those with HIV and bloodstream related infections.

Her recent work includes management of day to day operations for a VA-sponsored digital medicine clinical trial that evaluates adherence and patient-provider engagement in patients with severe mental illness and a Duke Learning Health Unit project that will evaluate the implementation of an evidence-based clinical program for improvement of care integration for children with special healthcare and complex medical needs.

Ms. Gonzales received her bachelor’s degree in Sociology from the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill.

Kiran Grover, MPH
Research Program Leader

Ms. Grover is a Senior Clinical Research Coordinator. For over three years, she has been a project manager for research studies that incorporate quantitative, qualitative, and mixed methods. Ms. Grover has been involved in subject recruitment and retention, cognitive interviewing, protocol development, survey development, IRB submissions, and literature reviews. Her portfolio includes studies in bloodstream infections, substance abuse, pain management, cancer, HIV and other sexually transmitted infections.

She currently manages the day-to-day operations of a NHLBI-sponsored multi-site clinical trial that is evaluating a nurse-led intervention to improve cardiovascular disease management in HIV patients. She also conducts project management activities for various industry-sponsored patient preference studies that are a part of the DCRI’s PrefER Group, focused on benefit-risk evaluations of new treatments and medical devices.

Ms. Grover received her MPH from Columbia University, focusing on Epidemiology and Health Policy.

Shauna Malone
Senior Clinical Research Specialist

Ms. Malone is a Senior Clinical Research Specialist with over 20 years of experience working in health care, and the last 5 in clinical research. She has a background in participant enrollment and retention activities, data collection, and biospecimens collection and processing. Ms. Malone is currently working on a variety of projects including: Log2Lose, a NHLBI-sponsored weight loss/management clinical trial and a VA-sponsored digital medicine trial assessing medication adherence. Ms. Malone is also serving as a coach for a kidney stone prevention study that involves personalized tele-coaching to increase hydration intake.

Ms. Malone received her certification as a Nursing Assistant and in Phlebotomy at Durham Technical Community College.

Julie Miller
Clinical Research Coordinator

Ms. Miller is a Clinical Research Coordinator with eight years of experience working on clinical research projects. She has worked in number of therapeutic areas including cardiovascular disease, mental health, infectious diseases, and oncology. Ms. Miller has expertise in conducting qualitative research such as interviewing diverse patient populations, analyzing and reporting qualitative data, and assisting with focus groups. In addition to her qualitative research experience, Ms. Miller is responsible for project coordination, leading both recruitment and retention efforts, and IRB/regulatory activities for a number of projects.

Ms. Miller’s current portfolio includes the management and qualitative analysis for a federally-funded study to develop a physical activity toolkit for older adults diagnosed with heart failure and interviewing and conducting qualitative analysis for quality of life projects under the Antibacterial Resistance Leadership Group’s portfolio.

Ms. Miller received her bachelor’s degree in psychology from the University of North Carolina, Greensboro.

Megan Oakes
Senior Research Program Leader

Ms. Oakes is a Senior Research Program Leader with ten years of project management experience in developing protocols, providing financial management and support, and leading recruitment and primary data collection efforts across a variety of therapeutic areas including neuropsychology, infectious diseases, prostate cancer, and cardiovascular disease. Prior to working at Duke, Ms. Oakes was a coordinator in UNC’s Department of Neurology where she conducted neurocognitive testing and trained others on various batteries for HIV-neurocognitive protocols. 

Ms. Oakes currently manages the daily operations of the Implementation Science Research Collaborative (INTERACT), which is comprised of research staff who coordinate clinical research studies in health services and implementation science research. She also works to advance the group’s research agenda and extramural grant portfolio by working closely with faculty and collaborators with grant preparation and submissions.

Ms. Oakes received her MS in Mental Health Counseling from the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill.

Cynthia Rose
Clinical Research Nurse Coordinator

Ms. Rose is a Clinical Research Nurse with over 40 years of experience and staff member in the Implementation Science Core.  For ten years she held a variety of nurse positions in the hospital setting (post-partum, CCU, general medicine and surgery) and for the past 30, she has written research intervention scripts, and administered telehealth interventions and data collection across a variety of patient populations. Her first research position was with UNC’s Carolina Population Center working on an adolescent hormone study. Since then, she has been a study coordinator and nurse interventionist on various Durham VA and Duke projects. Ms. Rose’s most recent work has focused on study participants with chronic health conditions, including diabetes and hypertension, using tele and video health interventions.

Ms. Rose  received a BSN degree from Western Carolina University.