Department of Population Health Sciences

Created in 2016, the Center for Population Health Sciences at Duke officially became a department on July 1, 2017. This new department seeks to bring together faculty and staff from across the School of Medicine and University to study and identify determinants of health and the most effective means for improving health. 

This multidisciplinary, collaborative department is working to engage faculty members from a variety of disciplines including epidemiology, health services research and policy, health economics, health measurement and behavior, and implementation science who share an interest in answering complex questions about the drivers of health in populations.

The department will include signature research initiatives in health services research, implementation science, and measurement science and educational offerings including a post-graduate certificate program in Population Health Sciences and Master and PhD programs in Population Health Sciences.

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News & Announcements

Dr. Aaron McKethan
Dr. Aaron McKethan has his foot in academia and government as assistant professor of population health and chief data officer for the NC Department of HHS. This gives him a unique perspective on how researchers can help policymakers with data-driven...
Asheley Skinner PhD
Dr. Asheley Skinner says there are implicit biases in prescribers behaviors—that when pain is "poorly defined" black patients are less likely to receive opioids than white patients. Read More
Dr. Lesley Curtis
Dr. Lesley Curtis will chair the new Data Quality Subcommittee of the National Evaluation System for health Technology Coordinating Center (NESTcc) to support efficient, timely and high-quality real-world evidence studies for medical devices. Read More.