Pop Health’s inaugural class of Master of Science students has arrived from as far away as Tanzania and as close as Durham. On Aug. 12, the students began a two-week orientation to the department and Duke in Classroom A, home to the master’s program’s...
Nidhi Sachdeva, MPH
Voted to this year's Safe States Alliance Executive Committee is Population Health's Nidhi Sachdeva, MPH. The organization’s goal is to be the leader and driving force in understanding and preventing injuries and violence. Read more about their mission.
Dr. Leah Zullig
Are the sick subsidizing the healthy with our current pharmaceutical rebate system?  In their blog post for the PhRMA Foundation, Leah Zullig, PhD, and team explain that a new proposed rebate rule could right this wrong. Read more





The BASE Lab



Everything in human experience, from factors we can change such as our neighborhood to factors we cannot such as our ancestors, can influence health.

Understanding health outcomes in populations given the complex and diverse factors that determine them demands knowledge and applications in academic fields from epidemiology to economics, from informatics to behavioral science, and more. 

The Duke Department of Population Health Sciences works where biology, behavior, environments, society, and health care intersect using tools of discovery, measurement, evaluation, and implementation to generate insights that affect health.

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