Dr. Sudha Raman
Like with SARS and H1N1, Sudha Raman, PhD, and team predicted that people would experience physical, mental and emotional decline post-COVID survival. In their...
Rural residents at risk for COVID
Brystana Kaufman, PhD, and colleagues find rural areas will also outpace hospital capacity during COVID-19 and that policy makers need to consider supply chain...
COVID-19 has disrupted services to populations living with substance use disorder. Two team members from our Duke Opioid Collaboratory argue in a NC Policy...
Dr. Devon Check
Dr. Check was named a 2020 American Academy of Hospice & Palliative Care Research Scholar. One of six awardees, the program aims to advance the scientific...





The BASE Lab



Everything in human experience, from factors we can change such as our neighborhood to factors we cannot such as our ancestors, can influence health.

Understanding health outcomes in populations given the complex and diverse factors that determine them demands knowledge and applications in academic fields from epidemiology to economics, from informatics to behavioral science, and more. 

The Duke Department of Population Health Sciences works where biology, behavior, environments, society, and health care intersect using tools of discovery, measurement, evaluation, and implementation to generate insights that affect health.

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