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QualCore provides expertise and leadership in qualitative research design, implementation, analysis, and interpretation.

How You Can Use Qualitative Research

  • Identify individuals’ perspectives, experiences, and motivations that influence their health behaviors.
  • Gain insight into the broader context of individuals’ daily lives that shape their decisions and actions.
  • Explore preferences and ideas for designing patient-focused interventions and materials.
  • Inform survey development or explain survey findings.

What We Do

  • Partner with clinicians, faculty, and other investigators in Duke’s School of Medicine on clinical and health services research.
  • Advise our research partners on how to design and conduct rigorous qualitative research relevant to their specific study aims. 
  • Use a flexible approach to accommodate the dynamic nature of qualitative data collection.

Who We Are

The QualCore team consists of faculty, doctorate and masters-level social scientists, and research assistants—all part of the Department of Population Health Sciences. Our team includes:

  • Faculty and staff who can help investigators develop qualitative research study designs and question guides.
  • Interviewers who arrange and conduct interviews and focus group discussions.
  • Analysts who organize, critically examine, and summarize the qualitative findings.