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Important decisions made throughout the clinical research process are best informed by evidence rather than by speculation or assumption. Scientists in the Department of Population Health Science’s Bioethics and Stakeholder Engagement (BASE) Lab are dedicated to the systematic collection and integration of empirically generated stakeholder input into the clinical research process.

Partnering with clinical investigators and stakeholders, The BASE Lab:

  • Identifies areas critical to the successful implementation of clinical research that can be strengthened with data from key research stakeholder groups
  • Gathers essential data through social science research with patients, research participants, communities, and other key stakeholders
  • Demonstrates how data can inform the planning, conduct, interpretation, and reporting of clinical research

The BASE Lab’s scientists have experience in:

  • Conducting formative research to inform clinical trial study designs and procedures.
  • Assessing patient/participant behaviors and experiences during and after clinical trial implementation (e.g., adherence, trial satisfaction, social influences on participation, reasons for trial participation).
  • Examining emerging ethical issues in the planning and conduct of clinical research and the translation of clinical research findings.

Research Together: Drs. Kevin Weinfurt and Amy Corneli discuss how to help researchers effectively design studies by engaging with stakeholders.