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Opioid Collaboratory Report
The Population Health Opioid Collaboratory worked with the North Carolina Department of Health and Human Services, Injury and Violence Prevention Branch and interviewed 72 local health department representatives and stakeholders to identify features for...
Charles Muiruri, PhD
Congratulations to Dr. Muiruri! African Americans living with HIV are twice as likely to suffer a heart attack than the general population with hypertension. Thus, Dr. Muiruri will use his two-year, $150K award to study this population, determining the...
Dr. Emily O'Brien
Healthcare workers say that financial insecurity is compounding the psychological stress of being a frontline worker during COVID, according to Dr. Emily O’Brien, Primary Investigator of the Hero Registry survey. Read how their financial situation is...
Dr. Eric Perakslis
The Biden administration invested in the more expensive Ellume home Covid-19 test that digitally transmits results to the manufacturer and can report to public health officials. In a STAT opinion piece, Eric Perakslis, PhD, list the reasons why this was...
Shenglan Tang, MD, PhD
The goal of any health insurance system is universal coverage. In a new blog post for the Brookings Institute, Dr. Shenglan Tang and team compare the different routes China and Vietnam have taken to get there and lessons learned. Read more  
Kiran Grover, MPH
Despite COVID and working with a vulnerable population, Kiran Grover has successfully managed the EXTRA-CVD trial, a multi-component nurse intervention to reduce cardiovascular disease risk in virally suppressed patients living with HIV  Read more
Drs. Brystanna Kaufman, Corinna Sorenson, and Nathan Boucher were accepted to the 2021 LEADER Program. It's a competitive program for junior faculty who are leading a research group and driving their own research agenda. See the full cohort.
Virginia Wang, PhD
Congratulations to Dr. Virginia Wang! She was recently accepted to Duke Med School's ALICE Program that provides leadership skill development, personal reflection and goal setting, peer-mentoring, and structured 360 feedback for mid-career women faculty.
Eric Perakslis, PhD
Dr. Eric Perakslis will be the new Chief Science & Digital Officer at the Duke Clinical Research Institute, providing strategic vision and oversight of their digital research initiatives and technology affairs to advance the academic institute’s...
Dr. Emily O'Brien
Dr. Emily O'Brien sat down with Mary E. Klotman, MD, Dean and Vice Chancellor of Health Affairs at Duke's School of Medicine, to discusses a new two-year study called HERO-Together. It looks at the quality of life of healthcare workers after receiving...
Hannah Lane, PhD
When schools closed for COVID-19, millions of kids were at risk of going hungry and the government responded like never before. In a "Public Health Reports" commentary, Hannah Lane, PhD, and team describe how dissemination & implementation research...
Dr. Lesley Curtis
This years list, tracked by Clarivate's Web of Science, includes 37 scholars from Duke, Dr. Curtis being one of them. Their criteria is based on the number of highly cited papers each scholar produced over an 11 year span. Read more
Dr. Brett McCarty
Brett McCarty, ThD, is one faculty teaching a new course “Moral Moments in Medicine: Pandemics, Race, Social Justice” that tries to answer this question. Read more
Shenglan Tang, PhD
Because we didn’t do what was necessary to keep COVID-19 at bay, Dr. Shenglan Tang tells "Popular Science" we may have to endure some short-term pain for some long-term gain before a vaccine arrives. Read more
Dr. Brystana Kaufman
There’s concern that COVID-19 will overwhelm hospitals, notably in unprepared rural areas. Referencing a study from Dr. Brystana Kaufman and team, The Wall Street Journal (behind paywall) says one reason is rural residents are at higher risk due to their...
Willingness to accept trade-offs among COVID-19 Cases
Published in "Value in Health," Drs. Shelby Reed, Juan Marcos Gonzalez, and Reed Johnson found which population segments are more or less supportive of COVID-19 reopening policies and that one's political affiliation doesn't tell the whole story. Read...
Drs. Brystana Kaufman and Valerie Smith
Unfortunately the US is stuck in a debate to wear a mask or not. But new research from Drs. Brystana Kaufman, Valerie Smith, & team finds state mask mandates are essential to reopen businesses and should be in place before moving forward. Read more  
Incidents of COVID-19 in Rural NC
Data shows that COVID-19 is taking hold all over North Carolina according to Aaron McKethan, PhD, & team. Though cases were initially higher in urban areas, the pandemic is now well-established and more acute in rural areas. Read more
David Ming, MD
With funding from The National Center for Complex Health & Social Needs, K12 Scholar, David Ming, MD, will convene North Carolina stakeholders to achieve an integrated pediatric service delivery system for children with complex health needs...
Drs. Courtney Van Houtven and Nathan Boucher
COVID-19 has revealed the limitations and barriers to long-term services and supports (LTSS) for older adults post-incarceration, but the data is scarce. Researchers, Courtney Van Houtven, PhD, and Nathan Boucher, PhD, explain why this needs more...