PopHealth DataShare

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The PopHealth DataShare™ is a shared resource that gives qualified Duke researchers access to electronic health data from a wide range of sources. Our team of experts helps Duke scientists access and use these data to generate new insights into health and health care, saving time and money by relieving the burden of managing new, complex data sources. We provide researchers with the regulatory, project management, and analytics support needed to efficiently move a project from conception to completion. 

The PopHealth DataShare maintains an extensive collection of research-ready, secure electronic health data from Medicare, NC Medicaid, MarketScan, and publicly-available reference data sets. In addition, DPHS is a Jackson Heart Study Vanguard Center and also has multiple years of HCUP data.

Listen to a presentation about using the PopHealth DataShare, our data sets, and our pricing model.

Data access and use are governed by data use agreements and other regulatory requirements.


Access to data is dependent on compliance with regulations from data providers (e.g., data use agreements) and requirements from DataShare (e.g., completion of training modules, IRB approval, payment of fees).

Based on your needs, the PopHealth team can provide the following:

  • Access to DataShare stock data assets
    • Medicare 100% inpatient research identifiable files (RIF)
    • Medicare 100% NC/SC research identifiable files (RIF)
    • Medicare 5% research identifiable files (RIF)
    • Medicare 100% inpatient limited data set (LDS) files
    • Medicare 5% limited data set (LDS) files
    • NC Medicaid data
    • MarketScan data
    • Jackson Heart Study
    • HCUP
  • Access to the highly secure DataShare analytics environment
    • Encrypted, FISMA-moderate PACE environment
    • Powerful multi-user Linux analytics server provisioned with SAS, R and STATA
    • Oracle database
    • PACE Windows desktop pre-installed with SAS, SAS Studio, R, R studio, StatTransfer, MobaXterm, DbVisualizer, PLSQLDeveloper, Microsoft Office 2016 suite, Microsoft Edge, Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, Notepad++, Acrobat Reader, Access 2016, Powerpoint 2016, 7-zip
    • Training for up to 3 users which includes a 1:1 session with data asset SME as well as LMS modules on policies for appropriate use of data.
    • DataShare liaison facilitates IT troubleshooting and ongoing infrastructure maintenance and provisioning
  • Access to DataShare tools and resources
    • Curated, research-ready comorbidity, eligibility, vital and diagnosis tables   
    • Reference library containing several terminologies that are helpful for working with electronic health data (ICD, CPT, LOINC, RXNORM, etc.)
    • SAS macros including GEMS ICD-9 to ICD-10 crosswalk, RUCA rural/urban coding, consumer price index adjustment, etc.
    • ICD-9, ICD-10 and CPT code lists for comorbidity, outcome and procedure algorithms
  • Storage of other PHI/sensitive data
    • If your data provider or sponsor/funder requires a more secure storage set-up, you may request to store your data in the DataShare FISMA-moderate environment.


The PopHealth DataShare has a wealth of experience using electronic health data for research. We work closely with Duke researchers to determine the best data to answer research questions, and provide expert consultation to help achieve their research objectives.

Analytics Support

  • Medicare, Medicaid, MarketScan and electronic health data expertise
  • Analysis file creation
  • Data management
  • Cohort feasibility assessments
  • Observational study design and data analysis expertise
  • Data processing and curation
  • SAS programming and sample SAS code
  • Coding algorithms

Project Management and Regulatory Support

  • Proposal development
  • Project management
  • Recruitment and patient engagement
  • Regulatory and governance support


We maintain data asset-specific training modules that are hosted in the Duke LMS system. Offered/required training modules include PACE, Medicare, Medicaid, MarketScan, and HCUP.

Fees depend on the services and data being requested. For studies that are not yet externally funded, researchers may apply for funds through Duke’s Core Facility Voucher Program. To begin a consultation, please complete our resource request form.

Next Steps - Accessing the PopHealth DataShare Shared Resource

Duke faculty, staff, post-docs, and students may request DataShare services and access to data assets for their research projects. To begin a collaboration, or to find out if our services meet your needs, complete our resource request form. After we receive the form, we will set up an initial meeting to discuss your project.