Jules Iradukunda

A headshot of Jules Iradukunda

2023 BRIDGE Cohort


Jules IRADUKUNDA is an accomplished researcher with a strong passion for global health and a deep commitment to improving health care in underserved communities. With a passion for improving surgical outcomes in underserved communities, Jules has been actively involved in coordinating and managing research projects that aim to address critical issues in global surgical care.

Jules holds a master’s degree in Healthcare Policy, Innovation, and Management from Maastricht University. He completed his medical studies at the University of Rwanda. This educational background has provided a solid foundation for understanding the complexities and challenges surrounding healthcare systems, particularly in low-resource settings.

Jules's work at the Center for Equity in Global Surgery, at the University of Global Health Equity (UGHE), has been marked by a strong emphasis on collaboration and capacity-building. He has successfully established partnerships with local healthcare institutions, academic institutions, and international organizations to foster research initiatives and knowledge exchange. Through these collaborations, Jules has facilitated the implementation of multidisciplinary research projects, examining various aspects of surgical care delivery, such as patient outcomes, surgical safety, and access to essential surgical services. Jules has extensive experience in data analysis and interpretation, using statistical software to derive meaningful insights from complex datasets.

Jules has collaborated closely with global surgical teams, healthcare providers, and stakeholders in various countries, fostering strong relationships and effective partnerships. Jules is adept at bridging cultural and language barriers, facilitating knowledge exchange, and ensuring the successful execution of research projects in diverse settings.