Reed Johnson, PhD

Dr. Reed Johnson
Professor in Population Health Sciences

Dr. Johnson has more than 40 years of academic and research experience in health and environmental economics. He led the first FDA­ sponsored study that measured a patients’ willingness to accept benefit-risk tradeoffs for new health technologies which concluded in FDA guidance on submitting patient-preference data to support regulatory reviews of medical devices. He also designed and analyzed numerous surveys that measure preferences of health risk reductions, improved environmental quality, and the value of health outcomes. Currently, Dr. Johnson’s research involves quantifying the patients’ willingness to accept side ­effect risks in return for therapeutic benefits and estimating the general time equivalences among health states.

Dr. Johnson is a Professor in the Department of Population Health Sciences who has published in over 140 books and peer-reviewed journals including the Review of Economics and StatisticsJournal of Health EconomicsMedical Decision MakingHealth EconomicsValue in Health, and the Journal of Policy Analysis and Management