Sheila V. Patel, PhD

Sheila Patel
RTI International

Sheila V. Patel is an implementation scientist in the Community Health and Implementation Research Program at RTI International. Dr. Patel applies technical research skills to evaluate health interventions and policies as well as efforts to effectively implement them. She has extensive experience leading the design and execution of projects that target the implementation of effective interventions for improving mental and behavioral health outcomes of systemically underserved populations.

Currently, Dr. Patel leads three reviews on the effectiveness of telephone-based care for managing chronic physical and mental health conditions, as well as the investigation of implementation challenges and strategies across opioid misuse prevention initiatives in the NIDA-funded HEAL Prevention Cooperative. In addition to her work at RTI, Dr. Patel supports the field of implementation science as an active reviewer for implementation-focused journals and a board member of the Society for Implementation Research Collaboration.