Oyomoare Osazuwa-Peters, PhD

Oyomoare Osazuwa-Peters
Biostatistician III

Dr. Osazuwa-Peters completed her PhD in Biology in 2015 at the University of Missouri-St. Louis, with a strong quantitative skillset. Driven by the desire to apply quantitative approaches to understanding and solving health related problems, she transitioned to biomedical research and joined the Division of Biostatistics at Washington University School of Medicine as a postdoctoral research scholar. There, she earned an MSc in Genetic Epidemiology in 2018. Currently, her primary research focuses on discovering novel genetic loci underlying blood pressure traits.

Dr. Osazuwa-Peters has ten years of experience in the statistical analysis of a wide variety of research data (e.g., tropical forest communities, museum specimens, Framingham Heart Study, data extracted from SEER, etc.) along with R and SAS programming skills. She has also been involved in cancer outcomes research with a focus on ethnic minorities.

In addition to publishing epidemiology and health outcomes research and presenting at professional meetings, Dr. Osazuwa-Peters has mentored students and taught graduate level R classes and Fundamentals in Genetic Epidemiology labs.