Secondary Faculty Appointment Benefits and Expectations

We value our collaborations with colleagues around the University and are pleased to consider secondary appointments for engaged collaborators. 


Benefits for faculty with secondary appointments include: 

  • Inclusion in seminars and other educational opportunities
  • Participation in retreats and strategic planning meetings
  • Eligibility to apply for DPHS internal pilot funds

In addition, faculty with secondary appointments receive DPHS support as appropriate for population health science projects including:

  • Consultation on grant applications for study design/methods
  • Feedback on Specific Aims pages and mock review of full grant applications
  • Strategic guidance regarding use of in-house and external data sources to accomplish project aims


Throughout the year, faculty with secondary DPHS appointments are expected to meaningfully engage in departmental activities and complete at least one activity in the research domain, and two of the remaining 3 domains listed below: advising/mentorshipteaching, and service. Examples for each include:

Research Domain

  • Acting as Co-Investigator or Principal Investigator in DPHS research and QI projects and cite DPHS affiliation on all resulting abstracts, presentations, and publications
  • Identifying collaboration opportunities with DPHS faculty on non-DPHS projects resulting in a proposal submission
  • Providing clinical, methodological, or content area expertise/consultation for research applications as appropriate

Advising and Mentorship Domain

  • Serving on mentorship team(s) for post-doctoral students
  • Serving on mentorship team(s) for DPHS junior faculty
  • Serving on dissertation and/or thesis committees for masters and doctoral students

Teaching Domain

  • Leading or Co-Leading a DPHS course in area of expertise
  • Teaching one or more modules within a DPHS course
  • Providing one or more guest lectures at DPHS-sponsored courses as appropriate

Service Domain

  • Serving on departmental committees as appropriate
  • Serving on Specific Aims reviews and/or mock study sections
  • Providing feedback on one or more practice presentations
  • Participating in faculty and student recruitment efforts
  • Hosting activities for external speakers and visiting professors

Faculty with secondary appointments will not receive salary support except for that associated with regular teaching in DPHS graduate programs or support provided from a grant/contract. Appointments must be approved by the primary chair and will be reviewed on a biennial basis. 


Questions? Please contact Angelique Kosempa