Key Dates

The Population Health Sciences master’s program is open to current or recent undergraduates looking to build quantitative expertise and current professionals—including clinicians—who want to broaden their quantitative and methodological skills. Given the multidisciplinary nature of the field, prospective students with a strong interest in the social sciences, analytics, or health care, may find this degree adds to their knowledge, skills, and career preparation.

Successful applicants generally will demonstrate a passion for improving population health, an aptitude for learning high-level analytic research methods, and academic or professional achievements that show leadership skills, ethics, determination, resilience, and creativity. The admissions process considers both past accomplishments and future potential.

Diversity and Inclusion

The School of Medicine and the Department of Population Health Sciences hold as a central tenet that diversity and inclusion are key drivers of institutional excellence and amplify our capacity for innovation and solving complex problems. The department takes seriously its responsibility to recruit and retain students that exemplify a diversity of backgrounds, life experiences, and perspectives.

We strongly encourage applications from traditionally underrepresented minorities, those from disadvantaged backgrounds, and those with disabilities. Duke offers the following resources in that regard: 

Duke University School of Medicine Office of Diversity & Inclusion
Duke University School of Medicine Multicultural Resource Center
Duke University Center for Sexual and Gender Diversity
Duke Health Sciences Gay-Straight Alliance
Duke Health Disparities Consortium